What Matters To Us

We make our process transparent. 

We find producers that meet our guidelines, as set out below.


Are we excited to share this with our own family?

We make sure that all of our products taste great and are healthy!

These can range from basics that are super affordable (like our salt!), to fresh spices with intense flavours, or our grapeseed oil that is amazingly versatile!  

We love good food, and it's what drives us to find great producers. 

Is it sustainable?

There are a lot of companies out there to get every last dollar with no consideration about the long term effects on the planet -- biodiversity, soil health, and the health of workers is always on our minds. 

We only look for products that can be produced long term with minimal adverse effects on the planet.

Is it part of a balanced diet?

A diverse diet is essential to our well being.

We all suffer from a lack of time, so we try to find healthier and better ways to snack, as well as products that make it easier and more affordable to cook at home. 


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